Inspiration for 140 Flamenco Dress

A sensational fashion for dancing or dress-up, with lavish flounces that move with flash. The dress has princess seams, flounced cap sleeves, V-neck front, and up to four tiers of flounces. The skirt features back waist darts and raised waistline; make it with all four flounces or just one flounce for a salsa-hot mini.  Make simple-sew fabric Rose accessory to attach to dress or pin in hair (included in pattern).  Read Cynthia's blog post about the Rosette for more details!

Suggested fabrics for the Flamenco Dress and Skirt: Silk or polyester dupioni, taffeta, faille; other fabrics with body and slight stiffness. For lightweight drapey fabrics, lightly interface flounces.

While many of the suggested fabrics are full bodied and stiff I also love the possibilities for other lighter yet full bodies options that would provide lots of movement.  I have enjoyed building  this Pinterest board featuring some traditional and some more modern variations of the Flamenco Dress and Skirt that I hope will inspire you to create something fun and beautiful!

Here are a few of my favorites looks and inspirational Pins from Pinterest (links to Pins are embedded).  And do check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!


Traje de Flamenca from Pinterest

I love the mix of fabrics in this modern tango skirt! The polka dots and floral pattern really give a great nod to the traditional while adding an interesting break in the design.


This Agime dress has a fantastic line!

A similar look could be achieves with the Flamenco Practice skirt that is part of the 140 Flamenco Dress pattern.  Such fun polka dots -  a nod to tradition, but a fun modern outfit to wear out.


Acento Artesano Flamenco Collection

This dress form the 2015 collection incorporates a Cheongsam influenced bodice and neckline.  And, I love the floral print fabric, especially paired with a solid for some of the flounces.


El Pais Article on African Fabric used in Flamenco Dresses

An interesting article in El Pais about a collection of Flamenco dresses made with traditional Senegalese fabric.  African wax fabrics have a nice body and stiffness for this dress as well - and the colors are fabulous!!  And, if you get a 6 yard section (as they are normally sold), you can make any view of the dress or skirt as it uses a lot of fabric.  African Wax Prints can be very affordable.  One of my favorite shops for them is AKN Fabrics, but you can find them in lots of shops.


This Monica Mendez design adds the fringe and tulle ruffle!

I love the drama and flare of this dress!  Her designs are breathtaking.  You can view her work on her We Love Flamenco website.  there is a great photo gallery of Flamenco dresses on the runway!  The design inspiration from this dress is that you can add tulle, lace, ruffles, or additional colors to the flounces - either underlining the flounce or sewing the two fabrics together as one flounce.