NEW Pattern!  1920s Flapper Dress

We are excited to introduce a fun and easy sewing pattern that is a bit of departure from our regular patterns.  It is, of course, for a historic garment - the "flapper dress" of the 1920's, and includes a garment history.  But, it is a PDF-only pattern, and is quite a simple garment to construct.  Our pattern for this simple dress comes from an original beaded gown from the 20's.  We are providing this pattern is sizes from XS to 3XL.  There is a print-at-home version (only 13 pages long), a Copyshop version, and instructions included in the pattern. 

We were inspired to produce this fun dress as a nod to the returning '20s, but also because this is an iconic historic dress-type and our pattern is flexible enough to make an exquisite beaded gown but also a simple sundress.  And, many of us are looking for something fun and easy to create at home.  

We hope this dress inspires you to dress up and have fun (have your own croquet or cocktail party at home or even by yourself), be creative (bead your own dress, make a silk shift, or a cotton lawn sundress), and take it easy (sometimes simple projects are what we need).  We will have some blog posts around this pattern in the upcoming days and weeks, including fabric suggestions, working with beaded fabrics, and hand beading tutorials.

Here are a few photos from a little cocktail party we had to briefly celebrate the release of this pattern.  Cari is wearing the original black and red beaded gown, Cynthia is wearing the dress made of linen from our own shop (we will have the modifications she made on an up-coming blog), and I am wearing the dress made from a beaded gauze fabric from Mood.  

Get the pattern here!  It's on sale all week!