Winter Victorian Shirt Dress

A year or so ago, a customer sent me a photo of her wearing the 202 Victorian Shirt that she had made into a dress.  It was made of a large red check or plaid pattern and it looked absolutely adorable on her as a winter dress with boots.  And, I have had that dress on my mind ever since.  And this winter I decided to make one for myself!  

I wanted the dress to be warm - warm enough that I could wear it cut above my knee without leggings and still be warm on a mild day.  I made it out of flannel because . . . it's warm, but also because there are so many really pretty flannels available (hello, Robert Kaufman).  I decided on one of the Robert Kaufman flannels from Hart's Fabrics. They have had a bunch of different ones that I have fallen for this winter, but I liked the blue/grey mix for wearing on myself. 

This Victorian Shirt was a delight to make.  I used the X-Small size (this shirt is roomy) and I didn't even extend the length.  The Victorian Shirt was traditional very long, tucked into trousers, but also providing lots of modesty when dressing.  The pattern can easily be shortened, or lengthened into a longer dress (or nightgown). 

I loved the simple little pleats in the back and at the wrists. I like the bit of interest the bib adds to the front, but it could be left off if desired.  I cut the bib on the bias to changed up the plaid a little (as well as the back yoke - though cutting it on the bias helped utilize all my fabric).  The front placket was quite easy as well (just pay close attention to which side is doing what as well as right sides vs. wrong sides facing).  I only put in one button on the front, as that was all it really seemed to need for me.  And, I added a button to the sleeve placket opening (to prevent cold air from entering!), and the sleeve placket is simply made from the underarm hem.  I also added (silk!) pockets to this dress - just drafting them into the side seams at a place that felt comfortable. 

This dress is really warm, very comfortable, and I love the way it looks!

You can make your own with the 202 Victorian Shirt pattern!