World Cup and Folkwear!

You might wonder what the World Cup and sewing have to do with each other, and I have to admit - not much!  But, a fact you may not know about me is that I love soccer (or football as most of the rest of the world calls it).  I love playing - I played in high school and college (recreation), and I play in an adult league now.  I loved coaching my kids soccer teams, and I love watching soccer.  I have been excited to watch the World Cup, even though all the games fall during work hours.  As a side note, I wonder how much work productivity is lost worldwide when World Cup is going on :-).  I am definitely taking 2 hour lunch breaks to watch games!

So I was thinking today about how great it is that all these teams from all over the world come together to compete in this well-loved game.  And, as I was thinking about all the teams playing in this tournament, Folkwear patterns came to my mind as well.  So many of countries that are competing also have patterns in the Folkwear line.  

In case you are interested, Folkwear has patterns from 13 of the 32 countries competing this year:

Australia (130 Australian Bush Outfit,137 Australian Drover's Coat, 138 Child's Australian Drovers Coat)

Russia (128 Russian Settler's Dress)

Japan (lots of patterns: Field Clothing, Kimono, Hapi & Haori, Tabi, Hakama & Kataginu, Michiyuki, Interior)

Mexico (142 Old Mexico Dress, 109 Little Folks)

South Korea (141 Korean Han-Bok)

Germany (123 Austrian Dirndl - ok, its named Austrian, but it is also German!)

Spain (140 Flamenco Dress and Skirt) 

Egypt (104 Egyptian Shirt)

Morocco (109 Little Folks - Moroccan Djellaba and 132 Moroccan Burnoose)

France (102 French Cheesemaker's Smock)

Croatia (117 Croatian Shirt)

England (221 English Smock)

Poland (126 Vests from Greece and Poland)

Belgium (133 Belgian Military Chef's Coat)

And, one of our out-of-print patterns (Yoruba Pants) is from Nigeria.

So, maybe you will root for one of these teams.  I am rooting for all of them, all the underdogs, and Argentina (that may cover all the teams :-))!

I love how soccer/football brings so many cultures together.  Textiles/fashion can do the same, and I hope that Folkwear patterns honors these cultures and the textiles and garments. and I hope now you might have a little more interest in this World Cup!!

So, do you follow soccer/football?  Are you watching this World Cup?