Folkwear To Donate to Afghan Women's Relief

It is the tail end of summer here where I live and I'm working to navigate our new routines for the autumn and school year. No matter the distractions, my mind shifts to the difficulties of the world. The plight in Afghanistan is close to our hearts here at Folkwear, where we feel a connection to the cultures and histories of our patterns and the folks, often women, who created beautiful garments and art with textiles and thread. We want to do what we can to help. We are donating 10% of all our retail sales for the full month of August to two organizations working to support women in - and escaping from - Afghanistan. 

In addition to our support for these two groups, we encourage you to investigate refugee resettlement organizations in your own community. Many of these local groups are actively working now to find homes for refugees from Afghanistan and many other parts of our world in your town. Whether you support them with financial contributions, or by offering a welcoming hand to a family making a start in a strange land, this work is very important. Supporting and welcoming newcomers to our neighborhoods is a very human and individual way to do good in the world. I've found that sewing and making, or showing interest in clothes, bridges lots of cultural gaps and creates beautiful connections.  

Organizational Links
  • Women For Afghan Women main website
  • Women for Women International