Folkwear's 2017 Fall Costume Guide

Our guide to help you find the perfect costume to sew for yourself and everyone in your family. 

We have set out a few themes below, some with patterns for women, men, and children to fit those ideas.  So, if you like, your whole family (or friend group) can dress up together!

Ren Flair

Austrian Dirndl

123 Austrian Dirndl – a classic Renaissance outfit, or for an Oktoberfest beer maiden

108 Turkish Dancer – gorgeous flowing sleeves with a vest – perfect made from tissue silk

102 French Cheesemaker's Smock – classic men's shirt for any Renaissance theme

144 Tribal Belly Dancer – pieces from this pattern make fun Ren Fair wear

267 M'Lady's Corset – great and relatively simple corset – such a great costume piece

20's Classy Act Couple

Dress up like F. Scott and Zelda for a night on the town

Monte Carlo Dress

264 Monte Carlo Dress

238 Le Smoking Jacket


So many of our patterns can be made into fabulous Steampunk costumes.  A great fabric choice, then add your own flair to finish the following, and you'll be set!

M'Lady's Corset

230 Model T Duster

133 Belgian Military Chef's Jacket

209 Walking Skirt

267 M'Lady's Corset

216 School Mistress' Outfit

American Western Family

This is an easy costume – a western shirt (212 or 218) with jeans and cowboy boots.  But, if you want it a little more involved, try the Big Sky Riding Skirt or add some fringe to the Rodeo Cowgirls Jacket and Skirt.  So fun!

Big Sky Riding Skirt

212 Five Frontier Shirts

218 Child's Frontier Shirt

231 Big Sky Riding Skirt

242 Rodeo Cowgirl Jacket

243 Rodeo Cowgirl Skirt

Child's Frontier Shirt

Forest Friends

Harkening back to Celtic Britain, these patterns would be perfect in natural colors and fibers, or with nature themed fabric – eco-printed silk or wool, or naturally dyed muslin, or beautiful tweed.

Kinsale Cloak

207 Kinsale Cloak

208 Kinsale Cloak for Young Maidens

110 Little Kittel (for the young ones)

148 Black Forest Smock

Kinsale Cloak for Young Maidens