Folkwear Interior Patterns

Did You know that Folkwear has a home goods pattern line?  Each of these patterns have multiple pieces and can be used to add to your current décor or be a complete design project.  We love the gems that are in each of these patterns, and they have many practical and artistic possibilities.  

And all these patterns are on sale for all of December!

   302 Victoria's Boudoir 

This pattern presents a sampling of varied designs and techniques that can be used interchangeably to create a romantic and authentic Victorian bedroom.  This pattern has 7 parts to choose from: quilt cover, pillow shams, cutwork doilies, dress scarves, throw pillows, sachets, nightcap, and dust ruffle.  This pattern also teaches several handwork techniques and patterns for the techniques such as embroidery, cutwork, and handmade applique.

The poupourri sachet is a sweet and simple project.  It would be a fun thing to make and have for quick gifts for friends and family - and you can use up your awesome fabric scraps.  There is also a recipe for the potpourri blend or you can get creative with your own blend.



  304 Nursery Days

This pattern is made up of five projects to choose from: quilt, pillow and sham, a bed jacket and bonnet, and a teddy bear.  The teddy bear would be so sweet with many fabric choices.  The pillow sham has great potential for customization with fabric choice, added embroidery, or applique - and the pattern teaches the handwork techniques!  Kids love gifts with their name or favorite things featured on them.  And the quilt would make a nice throw for anywhere in the home (not limited to cribs)!


305 A Japanese Interior

This popular pattern has 8 pieces to make, and includes instructions for handwork and dyeing techniques - floor cushions (zabuton), sleeping pillows (makura), futon, futon cover, top quilt (kakebuton), decorative curtains (noren), and tips for adapting any kimono pattern (such as Folkwear #113) for a quilted sleeping kimono (yogi). The decorative curtains (noren) would be a great way to show off some of your handwork skills!  There are 3 different shapes of pillows(makura) to choose from as well.  An adaptation for these could be to make them heat friendly (filling with buckwheat or rice and dried herbs), and use them to warm up on a chilly day!  Or, do your own indigo dying and make the pillow covers or quilt.