Did you know . . . ??

Though I have been a fan of Folkwear for years, I am still the “new” owner of Folkwear, and I am learning a LOT about this company as I go about the daily business of its business.  I am trying to wrap my head around the 40 years of history of this independent pattern company, and all the work, details, and passion and so many women have put into (speaking of which, I loved reading the comments from this blog post from Fringe Association).  So, I thought I would list a few interesting facts I’ve learned about Folkwear over the past months,

Did you know . . .

  1. That Folkwear has been around since 1974!  That makes it (maybe) the original independent pattern company (that is still around).  Pretty great that the vision of the founders has kept going!
  2. The first patterns printed were:  #101 through #106, and the most recent pattern developed and released was the #254 Swing Coat.
  3. A number of patterns include knitting patterns, too! Like this 1950s cardigan which comes with the #256 At the Hop pattern. 
  4. There are instructions for traditional embellishment in most the patterns.  Which means there are instructions for cross stitch, crochet, embroidery, beading, shirring, smocking, inserting lace, dying, and others in many of the patterns.  You can get a lesson on traditional embellishment, embellish your garment - then take those skills to your next sewing project.
  5. All patterns were based on actual authentic garments from the time period or culture.
  6. Since the 1970s, the iconic Folkwear illustrations have been drawn by Gretchen Schields.  Gretchen is a talented jewelry designer as well (and we hope to have an interview with her here soon)!
  7. Folkwear patterns are sold throughout the world - each week we ship to customers and stockists all around the globe.
  8. Folkwear has a home goods pattern line!  We have patterns for A Japanese Interior (futon, cover, quilt, pillows), Victoria’s Boudoir (sham, dust ruffle, pillows, etc.), and Baby’s Nursery (quilt, teddy bear, pillow).  Each pattern has multiple pieces to make.
  9. Every pattern is well researched - there is a history, geography, or anthropology lesson with nearly every pattern.
  10. Our customers are awesome!  I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Folkwear since I have come on board and the customers always give such sweet praise that I am sure they must be the very best!