Folkwear Patterns For All

You have asked for them . . . and Folkwear has worked on getting more patterns graded to larger sizes into the mix.  Many people are surprised by how many plus-sized patterns we have!  We have graded some patterns up, produced patterns in larger sizes, and worked to make sure everyone who sews might be able to use some Folkwear patterns.  Including patterns for women (and men) of all sizes is important to Folkwear. 

We have grouped our patterns below into patterns made in just one size (one-size-fits-all), patterns that go up to Misses Extra Large (XL or size 22-24), 2XL (or size 26-28), and 3XL (size 30-32).  Most of these are sized are according to our own grade rule, though some of the early patterns are sized according to height, or were labeled slightly differently.  

Patterns with an (*) beside the name are also sized for men, which means they have been graded up a bit farther than the misses sizes, depending on the pattern.

For a PDF version of this chart - for downloading or printing - click here.  Note: this chart is not as up-to-date at the list below.

To see our grade rule (sizing chart), click here.  

One Size (check pattern for finished measurements):

132 Moroccan Burnoose*

150 Hungarian Szur*

151 Japanese Hakama & Kataginu*

152 Scottish Kilt*

207 Kinsale Cloak

271 Sunset Wrap 

Patterns that go up to XL (or size 22-24):

112 Japanese Field Clothing*

113 Japanese Kimono*

131 Tibetian Chupa & Skirt

133 Belgian Military Chief's Jacket*

135 Jewels of India (PDF pattern)

137 Australian Drover's Coat*

139 Vietnamese Ao Dai

140 Flamenco Dress & Practice Skirt

141 Korean Han-Bok

145 Chinese Pajamas*

153 Siberian Park

202 Victorian Shirt*

219 Intimacies

231 Big Sky Riding Skirt

254 Swing Coat

255 Swing Suit

261 Paris Promenade Dress

263 Countryside Frock Coat*

264 Monte Carlo Dress

503 Poiret Cocoon Coat

Patterns that go to 2XL:

104 Egyptian Shirt 

108 Turkish Dancer

111 Nepali Blouse 

116 Shirts of Ukraine and Russia*

117 Croatian Shirt*

119 Sarouelles

120 Navajo Blouse and Skirt

126 Vests of Greece and Poland

130 Australian Bush Outfit*

135 Jewels of India (PDF pattern, Kurta Shirt)

143 Japanese Michiyuki

144 Tribal Style Belly Dancer

204 Missouri River Boatman's Shirt*

240 Rosie the Riveter

242 Rodeo Cowgirl Jacket

243 Rodeo Cowgirl Skirt

251 Varsity Jacket

252 Beach Pyjamas

253 Vintage Bathing Costume

256 At The Hop (1950's)

264 Monte Carlo Dress

266 Greek Island Dress

508 Traveling Suit

Patterns up to 3XL (or size 30-32)

121 Guatemalan Gabacha

122 Hong Kong Cheongsam

124 Bolivian Milkmaid's Jacket

134 South Asian Tops & Wraps

142 Old Mexico Dress

157 Moroccan Djellaba

203 Edwardian Underthings

205 Gibson Girl Blouse

209 Walking Skirt

210 Armistice Blouse

215 Empire Dress

223 A Lady's Chemise

227 Edwardian Gown 

247 Lindy Shirt Dress

249 1930's Day Dress

250 Hollywood Pants 

267 M' Lady's Corset

268 Metropolitan Suit

270 Metro Middy Blouse