Women's World Cup and Sewing International

So, World Cup Soccer is back!  This summer the women's teams are playing to find out which are the best in the world.  I am really excited for a number of reasons: 1. I LOVE soccer (playing it, watching it); 2. I am happy to be support and rooting for women all over the world; 3. women's soccer is fun to watch (amazing skill, less rolling around on the ground). 

I saw Abby Wambach (famous women's soccer player for the USA  - she has scored more goals in professional matches than anyone in the world, including men) speak the other week and I got re-inspired to support women, support women's athletics, and to admire hard work, kindness, and skill.  So, my family and I are not only watching, but we are doing another "World Cup Project".  We did this last year, but each child picks 6 teams and creates an information sheet with the flag, capital, main religion, official languages, country outline, population, and favorite player.  They also pick a typical food from the country, write down the recipe, and we have it for supper that week.  The night of their country's meal, they give a short presentation about the country and show us where it is on the globe.  It is a fun project and I like that they are thinking of, and identifying with, other places in the world and admiring culture and women athletes.

So, again, this summer I will be watching soccer nearly everyday for the next month. And, again, I am bringing you a list of the countries that we have patterns for clothing typical of that country.  A sewing and Folkwear connection that is not typical!

France - 102 French Cheesemaker's Smock

Korea - 141 Korean Han-bok

Germany - 123 Austrian Dirndl (also German)

China - 114 Chinese Jacket, 145 Chinese Pajamas

Spain - 140 Flamenco Dress 

Australia - 130 Australian Bush Outfit, 137 Australian Drover's Coat, 138 Child's Australian Drover's Coat

Scotland - 152 Scottish Kilts

Japan - 112 Japanese Field Clothing, 113 Japanese Kimono, 129 Japanese Hapi & Haori, 151 Japanese Hakama and Kataginu, 143 Japanese Michiyuki, 305 A Japanese Interior

Thailand - 134 South Asian Tops & Wraps (Thai Blouse), 146 Bags from Around the World: Thai Sling Bag